>Flashback Friday: 2006


So, I have seen the Flashback Friday thing going on on some other blogs and I figured why not throw in one of my own.

This my friends is the story of the Bloodhound Gang show at the Ridglea. For a while after finding out that the show was happening, we wanted to go. Marc has always been a pretty big fan of the Bloodhound Gang and when we found out that our friends from the MSi show in Oklahoma City, Program the Dead were opening the show, that sealed the deal. Only problem? I was working for an English company at the time that had some…strange opinions on how people should get paid. In other words, we were broke as fuck and it was not going to happen.

As you can see above, Marc has quick access to a Winnie the Pooh costume. How he came about it is a story for another day and should probably be told by him, but we gave using it a shot to see if we could get into the show. I got in touch with
Jessie from the Edge and somehow, some way we were able to get some tickets off of Pooh being at the show.

One thing, I really wanted to take pictures of Program the Dead. Matty K., is the lead singer of the group…the one in the picture with us….do ya see it? Why I wanted to photograph him so much? He’s just so damn pretty. Anyway, I had been in touch with Matty K.off and on since we met the prior summer, so I shot him a quick message asking if I could take pics at the show. He sent one back saying, “You can now, there is a photo press pass +1 waiting for you at the door.”

So aside from being so pretty, this dude just up and took care of me like that, fucking cool as shit dude! So, we made our way to the Ridglea after I got off of work that day and we were all set. Marc was rockin’ the Pooh suit, I had not only two free tix from the radio station, but a photo press pass from Matty. Everything was goldy. PtD went on, I got some pictures of them. They brought Pooh up on stage. Fantastic, awesome time….

After PtD left the stage, I brought Matty a Jack and Coke while Marc disappeared to become “less sweaty”. We talked a bit, did our drinks and then were later re-joined by Marc for the picture that I started this post with.

When the 2nd band, Electric Eel Shock, went on, you could tell from the beginning that the place was about to go fucking nuts. They are some tiny little japanese dudes…that started with fucking Iron Man. Marc ran away from Matty and me to go join the mosh pit and that’s when it all went downhill. I am unsure of the specifics other than some gigantic dude ended up landing on his leg and he was fucking hurting. We ended up standing outside, him trying to figure out if he could even continue to stay at the show, and finally came to the conclusion that we couldn’t. He toughed it out for a few hours, but then ended up at the ER sometime around 4am.

Ended up sending Jessie the text that got read on the air.

thank you so much for the tickets! Pooh got roughed up a bit during the 2nd opener and we had to escape to the ER..”

So there you have it, a night in the life of if you will….certainly one I won’t ever forget.


>Wordy Wednesday

>I received my first check today for freelance writing. I’ve made money in other forms, but this is the first amount that has actually been paid out to me. Unfortunately, it basically covered the project fees for the other projects I am working on right now, so no domain name….yet. But I’ll get there, I’m not even sweating it at this point.
In other news, I kind of had a small breakdown yesterday. I was working on this project and it put me in a really weird place. I was supposed to be in a mind set that I may be in someday, but I haven’t lived the experiences needed to get to that place yet. But, boy did I go there. Unloaded a torrent of tweets, most of which I felt the need to delete this morning. I think I’ve learned not to go so deep with it…should make it easier as I still have roughly 94 articles to go on this project. Fingers crossed!
Gathered the nerve to send a link to my Fort Worth Events Examiner Page to my old English teacher. I’ve always valued her opinion…I’m really glad I did, too. She was thrilled to see one of her students attempting to make a career out of what she taught us. The back story on her: Her mom was my mom’s elementary school teacher when she was pregnant with Roibeth. My family has literally been involved with hers for her entire life. Hell, when I was a kid, she was one of the teen “assistants” for my school during summer daycare. So, I’ve been around her since I was maybe 3…I adore her, and showing her the page is going a step towards letting my dad actually see it. I’ll get there, he just seemed so non-plussed about me actually starting the column. I want him to be proud of me for it, really I do, but I don’t think that’s ever happening so, oh well. I’d like to say that I would never be like that with my kids, but after realizing just how judgmental I have been lately, I guess I can’t speak to what I haven’t done or experienced. So let’s just leave it at I hope I will never be like that with my kids. Aw, hell, why say anything, I probably won’t ever have kids in the first place. Screw it.
Check the twitpics out on the side for my lovely leprechany look today. Almost went full on and wore the green knee-highs, it seemed a bit overkillish though…for work at least.I might throw ’em on tonight and post a pic or two though. You know, give the fans what they really want. Shit, I couldn’t even think that last line with a straight face!!! The next blog may be a ridiculously gushy one in which I spill all of my emotions…or I might just spare you, who knows at this point as I am still debating writing it.
While I have your attention, why don’t you go check out my Examiner Page. And subscribe if you please….Thanks, lovelys.

>The uglier side of freelance writing…

>Let me start off by saying I am not bitching, really I’m not….but the freelance gig I did today was kind of a pain in the ass. And my ass is not small, so any pains in it are quite noticeable. I think the problem is that I need to limit my scope. It’s great that I can get hired for gigs that I can largely bullshit my way through, really, it’s awesome, but didn’t I choose writing as a career path because it’s something I love? Yes, yes I did. And when you’re coming up with 5,000 different ways to say ‘adult acne’, it’s not that I don’t love it, it’s more that I would prefer not to be trying to do my regular job at the same time. If it were profitable enough to have that be my only job? Hand over the acne re-writes and I will fucking spit shine ’em before I send them back your way. Being a side gig….I think I will just try to only put my name in the hat for stuff I can easily write about next time.
It’s also not that I don’t enjoy the challenge.
I do. Kind of. There is a bit of thrill involved in not knowing crap about a subject and finding it within myself to spew forth close to 2500 words about it. It’s just if I don’t have the time to truly commit to learning enough about a subject to do that well, I’d rather not do it at all and stick with writing about stuff I know. Lame? Maybe. OK, definitely. But damn…until I start to make any type of serious money with this, I need to focus on the topics that come naturally. Organically. You know, all those hippie words that people use when they need to justify stuff.
At the end of the day though, these are all just words….and while I might make the concerted effort to not put myself up for consideration on unknown topics, I probably will…cos if this proved anything, it simply proved that I can do this. Even when I know nothing about a topic.

>Corey Haim…

>I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I am simply too young to understand the pain that my friends go through when an 80’s icon dies. I am. I hate admitting it as it seems I am evil for being younger than my circle, but there it is. When Michael Jackson died last year, I felt bad(ish). I tried to empathize, but the truth is, I just didn’t really get it. I wasn’t alive when the Jackson 5 was around….I missed out on all of his albums until the early to mid 90’s and I just didn’t find myself heartbroken over the world losing this treasure. I can see why people who adored him would feel that way, I just didn’t get it. I’ve listened to his music…and I deny him nothing in the way of talent, I just didn’t grasp why I was supposed to be so heartbroken over someone whose music I had just never gotten into.
Oh, god, the shit I took for this.
From everyone. Marc, my friends, hell, his friends. Everyone who got wind of how I felt about the situation decided to tease and sometimes people went further and actually wanted to get into verbal fights with me over how uninterested I was about this man dying. No matter that the Michael Jackson that I grew up with released a song called It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White and spent the majority of my life in court over child molestation charges, I was the devil for how I felt.
Why do I bring this up today, you ask?
Well, dear imaginary reader, Corey Haim died this morning around 4am of a suspected overdose. All I have heard on Twitter today is “My childhood crush has died.” From many people I know….and I’m not, by any means calling anyone out on this. I get it, really I do. Someone who played a pivotal role in your path to maturity has died. That sucks. I know…and I fully get it because, well my childhood celebrity crush killed himself a few years ago. So I get the immediate sense of loss of a person that you’ve never met.
No one let me get away with feeling bad over that one. No one. I still get teased for it. And not just by Marc. You know who you are people…..Anyway, I’m quite frankly, too young to care about the loss of a Corey. It just doesn’t hit home for me like it does for you. Grieve, mourn, do what you need to, and I pinky swear I won’t give you shit for it, just promise to do the same for me when Brandon Boyd dies, deal?

>Thoughts on writing…

>So far today, I’ve written a mock-up product review, two re-writes on the same article from 2 different perspectives, an article for my examiner page and now a blog post on here. Something in the neighborhood of 1300 words. And still, I want to write more. And more. And more. I’m looking like crazy on different jobs that I can bid on. I’m trying to find the next big event to post about on my EX page. I’m a freaking writing machine!!!!!!
This morning, I found a link to an interview with my favorite author, Jane Green. She was talking about why she was so inspired to write her first book. It was after seeing how intimately touched men had been after Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, she had the idea; I can do that, why don’t I? At the time she was a journalist for the Daily Express in England and getting paid far too little. Now, here is the backstory for me, Jane Green is a very deep part of why I want to write. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up loving and adoring other authors like Stephen King and John Grisham. And I’ve always had a way with words once I set my mind to do something, but it wasn’t until I read Jemima J, that I thought, I finally know I can do this. I can tell a story like this and make it interesting and not pithy and boring.
So here I am….working at my day job and desperately wanting to continue writing. So much so, that after this blog post, I will more than likely post an immediate follow up that contains what I really wanted to write about when I opened this tab up…and somehow got distracted along the way. I want to write. I do. I’ve finally found what I want to make of my life…the only thing that sucks is that now the day job is that much more boring!

>Perspective gone, thankfully not for too long.

>In looking at my life, through the eyes of an outsider, I find that I have so much to be happy about and so many things going for me. If I could just keep myself from losing sight so often, I would most certainly never forget this. I have amazing friends that keep me grounded and focused and make me laugh like crazy. I have a life. I go to shows, I have not just one career path, but many laid out before me and just waiting for me to take advantage of them.
All too often, I lose sight of these things and more and let the stresses of the reality of life get too me. I forget how satisfying listening to a favorite song or a favorite band or just a sound I really like can be; I forget to stop focusing on the whole of my life, instead of just the small moments, which is what I should always be paying attention to. I get wrapped up. I get distracted. And I vow to stop that habit. Just like I’m eliminating friends who have become bad habits, I will now focus on the behaviors in myself that are just as annoying.

>New blog to check out & my undying love of karaoke.

>So, my darling friend and roomy has decided to join the ranks of the blogging masses. I present to you his blog: A Marctastic World. You should totally read it….currently up? A rousing harsh look at the lameness that is My Life As Liz.
In other news, tonight is freaking karaoke night for me & my compatriots. You probably don’t know how excited I am about this, but it is like the first one for me in a while. It means I get to hang with the lovely, uber-talented Jenny Tornado, which is always the best part….usually means some pretty damn good breakfast before singing too. I’ve written about the weekly event on my FW Events page. If you go check it out, you should definitely subscribe to it.
Given, there isn’t really any cussing or light-hearted banter, but there is a decent amount of information that I continue to post up there. The plan is to highlight at least 10 events in Fort Worth every week. They may be posted in advance of the event or they may be weekly, recurring events, but I want to get a steady stream of new content coming from me. I swear people will probably get sick of my face appearing in the Recent Articles section before I ever get sick of adding content. Oh and just for good measure let me say it again, CONTENT!!!!!!!!! ARGH! Tee hee hee!