>So word on the street is that if a private org/person can come up with funding to do the necessary repairs on the Ridglea Theater, the BofA deal can be re-thought…….it can’t be that excessive to repair….benefits, fundraisers….I’m kinda far away, but maybe we can find someway to save this place we all hold so dear!


>A quickie but sometimes those are the besties.

>I swear I haven’t forgotten about this blog…just kind of strayed from it to give enough time so that some people who found it may have forgotten about its existence. (No, Lauren, not you. You can keep reading…have fun…and hi, btw, thanks for stopping by.)

I’ve been crazy indecisive about what I want to do with myself lately….well, moreso, where I want to stay. The Clackamas County Sherriff’s dept. did their part in helping me decide though and until I clear my name and restore my 26 year run of a clean record, I’m not going a damn place.
Well thats not entirely true….going to sort of settle in Vancouver, WA. Its pretty and they have Del Taco….so I’m game. Oh, and I get to make my inner stoner a happy camper. 😉
Hope all is well in everyone’s world….and also a special hello to my other newest reader….Hey, Mia…look at me…quite popular amoungst the women that have a special place in my heart…the one I want to extricate fully from my body in fact. Oh well, que sera sera and all that jazz.

>In Seattle…


I came here for a few reasons…some of them logical…some significantly less so. I regret none of them…although I do regret that some things along the way left me less….adventurous than I was in the beginning…working desperately on getting that back though…
I love it here. Its gorgeous and I wake up everyday even more in love with the place. Life is tough though…couldn’t expect it to be any different…but I’m managing…and I’ll continue to do so….because I fear attempting to leave this state would leave me in tears!!