>Part One: Age is a number….


So Mark made a comment the other day.

“Too many chicks lie about they’re age.”
I think it’s a valid one….I mean sure, I’ve done it a few times.
Of course I answered that I was 16 when I sneaked into that show.
Oh, and there was the attempt at using my (5’7″!!) cousin’s ID to get into the Dirty Perch. Dastardly foiled by that female cop who pulled me & my other cousin over before we got there…she searched the car….questioned me about my Penguin mints….searched us both, yet failed to find the weed he had oh-so-cleverly hidden in a mini m&m tube in his front pocket. Shameless, that boy. Needless to say, I had received a full dose of “fear of God” that night and didn’t care to even attempt going to the show. Instead, we sat in Mark’s driveway and waited for everyone to come there after the show….him smoking his ass off to calm down, me receiving a first of many contact highs.
And don’t even get me started on how many times I claimed 21 before I should have.

But my days of feeling any type of urge to lie about my age have long since passed….why would I? I couldn’t even keep it up!!

Spend one day with me and you will be overloaded by music prevalent amongst those who grew up in a somewhat distinct generation….I present to you the last 7 songs that I listened to:
Jimmy Olsen’s Blues–Spin Doctors
Overkill–Colin Hay
A Long December–Counting Crows
Badfish/Boss DJ–Jack Johnson (OK, its a cover of a 90’s song, eat me.)
Price to Pay-Blues Traveler
Cousins–Vampire Weekend ( ;-p )
Meet Virginia–Train
With the exception of a few selections it’s pretty clear that I grew up in a time of an MTV that showed music videos, not well-tanned clowns, a VH1 that showed a lot of Behind the Music and rappers? Rappers got shot like shit-tons of times and still lived but then got taken down….but are really still alive on Deepak Chopra’s island releasing records…..um, sorry, tangent. TuPac lives! #justsayin

Take away the music aspect, even though that is quite hard as any time someone encounters me and me alone, it will be playing in the background…..
Look at my choices of hairstyle….I prefer an ungodly high, messy ponytail over a more relaxed, lower one….
I go out with my hair all kinky & curly…..it seriously looks like it did in the days of perm…except 5 minutes after I step outside it just becomes cutesy shirley temple-style ringlets.
I can do the Red Fraggle pigtails in my hair. And I do it often.

I’m a child of the 80’s. I’ll own up to it. The best way to do so would be to keep on telling the truth about it.

>Whiskey hit me fast…


Have you ever taken a shot of warm whiskey…

Chased by a not-so-cold wild cherry pepsi…

You can feel it going down your throat…

Worming its way into your tummy…

And then feel the heat again as you puke it back up…

Likely with a nice touch of blood…

I call it the real “warm and fuzzies”.