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So, Driving home from Walgreens last night…

cheap cigs and dr. peppers in hand…

Minding my own business, listening to Jackie Puppet voiced by Bily West sing an abridged version of the pot song, when I drive thru a green light and get t-boned by some chick who swears up and down that I was turning.

Even tho my blinker wasn’t on.

And I hadn’t made any type of movement into the turning lane,

Yeah, lady, I sure looked like I was turning back there.

Now, my body is achy, SUPERfoot is massive even by SUPERfoot standards..
I‘m waiting on Enterprise….cos they pick you up and shit…

Getting the shit out of my likely totaled White Lightnin’ (We hardly knew ye….)

And hitting up an ER…

Would have taken an ambulance at the scene…something is broken, I know it…I’m in staggering pain that I’ve been in before…but damn it…after the cost of that, I don’t think the paltry limits on my insurance would cover so much as an x-ray for my precious SUPERfoot…

So I’ll wait….I’ll just kill the pain the old fashioned way…. and chainsmoke a few more cigarettes.

And if I get desperate, there’s always whiskey in the trun….fuck me!

Wanna search for new auto insurance? I know I should have…


>An effort for happiness….

>I had an appointment with a psychiatrist. Almost a year ago now. One little appointment after attempting the stop smoking program at my job that he ran. About two weeks into the program when we were still in ‘cut-down’ phase, came the first of the actual breakups of my relationship over the past year. The shrink told me that I needed to concede defeat in the program and make an appointment with him…

So I did. He told me I had one decision to make and the way I went about making that decision would affect whether or not I would inevitably make myself insane. I shit you not, his words, not mine. I walked out and a few weeks later I made that decision. But the thing is, I’ve had to make that same decision hundreds, if not thousands of times since, so why I ask was it so necessary to place such absolute significance on making this decision that one time? Why the big-picture thinking when the reality is I must live in the here and now? Why the fatality of a consequence for such a small thing?

And more importantly, where the fuck am I going with this? (Apologies, I’m a tad high atm.)

I’m struggling right now with figuring out the things that (in the moment), can ellicit giddiness from me… And when I sit and think about what will really make me happy, I find myself falling prey to the seed planted from Dr. Shawn and thinking more in the big-picture, long-term definition of happpiness rather than the in the moment ‘Giddy’ that I’m really searching for….

I think I liked it better before I tried it and was able to just regard it as New-Age Talky Talky Bullshit. Perhaps I still do in many ways, but goddamnit if it isn’t making my very much ‘in the here and now’ lifestyle ridiculously difficult even being so far removed from it…

>Online Shopping

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It’s time to confess, I’ve never been a big fan of online shopping. It’s supposed to be uber convenient and the best way to ship and save you tons in time and money, but as a rule, unless I knew exactly what I was purchasing and what big box retailer’s website I’d be making the purchase from, it’s always seemed such a hassle.

I want to get the best price I can, I really do. I’m absolutely one of those people that will drive to three grocery stores before I make a decision to purchase a single item on my list. Obsessive I know..and one of those things that should make me a huge supporter of online shopping, but truth be told, sorting thru endless sites to save incrimental amounts has always been a headache for me.

I’ve scoured endless comparison sites and have generally found that the prices and deals listed on the site just don’t mesh with what the retailer has available on their site. As I should always keep in mind (although I rarely ever do), what is generally true isn’t always true.

Such is the case with Become. A prefunctory search revealed no discrepanies on *new* bcbg pumice silk sequin tunic top xs. It sounds odd, but I have a cousin who is obsessed with designer labels and this was something I knew she would be familiar with…she also wears a size 00…and has always had a ridiculous time finding clothing. (Even though the is the size de rigeur in the fashion world..weird.)

The compiled list of results was fantastic. Prices matched what was actually available from the retailers and everything…shocking!

Another search I did was for 1 madison tab waist peacoat. The one thing I’ve learned traversing this great country is the weather sucks. And changes often. I used to believe that Texas was the only place that the rule of “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.” applied. I was wrong. After seeing the sudden onset of rain in Seattle, the random chilly breeze in Colorado Springs, or the beginning of fall in Chicago….I need a damn coat! Preferably one that is cute as well. Stylish, but works with pink hair. Answer? Peacoat. Found my future one through the search engine and bingo, I should be fully warm & cozy in a few days!

>Glee-fully Ignorant.

So I’ve managed to keep myself out of it…it’s a show about high school drama and frankly I haven’t really let myself get sucked into such a thing since I was in high school myself and ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was still on the air…

But ‘Dawson’s Creek’ isn’t still on the air. I graduated just shy of ten years ago. A freaking decade. I’m about to be 27. I don’t need to be watching shows filled to the brim with nastiness and bitchiness and heartfelt teenage romance. So I’ve not watched it…

I sat on whatever night it airs on and blissfully zoomed past on the television in favor of CNN or MSNBC….or oh, god, Fox News if it came right down to it…

Regardless of the fact that I do adore Jayma Mays….I have a chick hard-on for Jessalyn Gilsig…to this day I still have to bite my lip to refrain from entering a room with a “Hey, Asshole.” every time I walk into a room with any number of womanizers I’ve come across in my life….And Jane Lynch is fucking hilarious in everything she’s ever been in….

It’s from Ryan Murphy…who also brought us ‘Nip/Tuck’…and by proxy the aforementioned “Hey, Asshole.” line.

And I’ve been personally informed that it’s dark and subversive and that I would probably really like it….

Which brings us to now. Using my most awesome Hulu Plus subscription (that, yes, I paid for…with my own pennies and everything), I decided to give it a shot. SO there I was….

I went with an episode that I’ve been told would be a really good starting place…

And I made it 10 minutes in before I turned it off and ran screaming the other way into an episode of House that I’ve seen like twice already. (Thanks, USA.)

I don’t for the life of me know why it doesn’t interest me. I’ve no explanation for why I would rather sit and watch an episode of ‘It’s Always Sunny..’ and reflect on just how horrible the human condition can be..(not really, truthfully I just get high and laugh my fucking ass off)..or indulge in some Poly-lovin-Paxton-Style on ‘Big Love’…or possibly drool over Sofia Vergara on ‘Modern Family’…but I just can’t seem to get ‘Glee’. Maybe I’m just too fucking old.

>Never really put thought into a mailbox before…

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Until I moved into a house in a shady neighborhood!! When we first moved into the house in Eastside FW, I sincerely thought we just didn’t have any mail to receive. We had lived there for about a month and hadn’t gotten a thing in the mailbox even though I had put in all the proper change of address forms and spent endless hours at my local post office getting everything (I thought…) in order. Although I had reasoned that we did most of our billing online and the last time I had even put a postage stamp on something was to pay off a parking ticket. That may have been five years late. Whatever.

Back to the point, it never occurred to me, having lived in apartments with locking mailboxes for so long, that maybe the mail just wasn’t still in my mailbox when I returned home from work each day..to make a long story rather short, I ended up down at my local hardware store purchasing an “HOA” Approved (Please don’t get me started on living in a ghetto-neighborhood with ridiculous HOA rules & fees, I mean really?!) design Victorian mailbox. On my local hardware store’s credit card that I am still paying off, (please note I am no longer living at that house!!).

I took a quick peek at a site called Mailboxixchange today. Literally, like a five second peek and I found the exact mailbox that I practically mortgaged my soul to purchase for a mere $235.00. In all it’s Victorian style bronziness…for around 200 dollars less than I paid.

I know that my next home will be an apartment, but Random Deity help me if I decide to get in the LA real estate game, I know where I’m buying my next residential mailbox from!!

>Daddy's Girl….

>Have exchanged no less than four very long, drawn out, damn near epic emails with my father in the past week….

The kind that one pours over for hours and hours and changes every single detail five or so times before ever pressing that send button…

It’s my preferred type of communication with him as due to his sometimes over-bearing tone, he has the ability to bring me to tears on the phone and I lack the ability to explain myself in anything more than a few syllables….

So we write.

And I attempt to explain to him that I really do want to be happy out here….

And that I really can handle living my life away from family…

That was the hardest one for him to hear….and the hardest for me to say….

But if I’m supposed to learn from my parents…

At 18, I learned that he & mommy were going to stay in another state whether they were together or not.

I was left alone in the home I’d known forever….just no family left in it.

If it worked so well for the two of you, why not just let me play in the sunshine & palm trees for a bit?

I just wished a friend of mine happy birthday….he turned 27 today…which means I’m going to be that age in like 3 months and 7 days. What age exactly was I supposed to reach in Texas before I’m old enough to give the rest of the world a try?
My garage sake the day before we left. Stripper shoes & Nintendo cartridges, man.