>Rush Limbaugh Puts Too Much Thought Into A Meal!!

>Rush Limbaugh recently spouted on his show that Michelle Obama is a hypocrite due to her being photographed with a fatty meal. Ribs. Yum.

In all truthiness, I wouldn’t expect a man of Rush Limbaugh’s consistently largess stature to understand this, but one bad meal does not an entire diet make! Even whilst trying to lose weight I am not able to completely deny myself of my favorite foods, no matter how shitty they are for me, the exchange is I just have them very rarely. In Mrs. O’s case, she’s maintaining her weight. Even if she is preaching better overall diets for the youth of America, she can still indulge in some delicious, fall off the bone style ribs every once in a while, knowing full well that the rest of the food she eats will balance out the indulgence.

Now if I am totally off base here and the lovely Mrs. O is practicing the art of do as I say, not as I do and eating scrumdiddlyumptious ribs every night of the week, she is either:

A) Spending 50% of the day on the treadmill. Not exactly an ideal way to maintain one’s weight, but a tradeoff that does work for many in our society.

B) Has a plastic surgeon that visits the White House at least once weekly. (Not that she’s tracked as relentlessly as LiLo or anything, but let’s be realistic, a housecall situation is the most likely given that she would never be able to visit an ‘office’ type setup consistently without the press finding out what is conducted behind these doors!) And is never seen by the press. And would likely come into contact with at least a few people while on the never understaffed estate. And would have had to stay secret for all the time the Obama’s have been living there.

And this is all the realm of conspiracy theory since we all know damn well the woman eats moderately & healthy to maintain her weight.

All this says is that Rush Limbaugh is a fatty, (I’m one too, I can call him that!), who is grasping at straws on this woman to try to pick apart her message that we should try to be healthier as a nation (WE SHOULD!), and that the ability to default to healthy choices starts at a young age, (IT DOES!!).

Maybe someone should stop picking apart other’s food choices and chug a slimfast instead!


>Admiral Janeway Foiled by Time Cops: I'm Coming for you Bryan Fuller!!

>Or at least I think that’s what the headlines should read. The episode of Star Trek: Voyager titled Relativity has been causing me immense trouble in recent days. The concept laid forth by Bryan Fuller, Nick Sagan & Michael Taylor leaves the Starfleet world with a ship in the 29th century that goes around fixing temporal incursions caused by mischief making time travelers, in a ship called, you guessed it, Relativity. Now my question is, wouldn’t these “Time Cops” just go right behind Admiral Janeway in End Game and fix the entire thing?

Or, would the major devastation suffered by the Borg mean that the 29th century Time Cops just kind of….leave this one be.

Let’s assume for the sake of knowing that an Admiral Janeway makes an appearance in a later flick, the Time Cops just kind of let the temporal incursion….that changed so much in their timeline as well…remember now, the Borg were still a formidable foe long after Voyager’s return to earth in the alternate timeline, so they were presumably still a potential foe for the 29th century…slide. They let her get her ship home. Why? Because for the benefit of the greater good, the Borg are gone.

Even with that most awesome consequence though, wouldn’t they still be in major violation of the temporal prime directive? Fucking A’, Temporal Mechanics makes my head hurt!

>Modern Family Shows That America May Have Just Grown Up A Bit

Easily one of my favorite shows that is actually still on television, I’ve grown to love the Pritchett-Tucker-Dunphy family and their sense of realistic familial drama that embodies a culture that has become a lot more like the Simpsons than the Waltons. While Bush the Elder may have still held onto a 50’s style American Dream for the families of this country, we were all off busy being real.

We have divorced parents and mothers that come into our lives like a rising wave on the waterfront, preparing to crush everything with their news of their latest boyfriend (husband), career change (sold my house, bought an RV and going to take my therapy on the road!), or move (I’ve decided to give the mountains a shot…).

We have same sex couples at the table for Thanksgiving dinner…and we have adorable little Chinese girls opening presents with the rest of the cousins at Christmas. Modern Family works because it’s one of those rare, realistic portrayals of an actual American family. Only this time, it’s happening with a lot less controversy.

When Archie Bunker came streaming into American homes in the seventies, the nature of the language used in the series was provocative. (For a country that wasn’t all that far removed from having to describe a pregnant woman as “in the family way”, at least.) CBS came under fire on a fairly regular basis for the not-so-subtle bigotry and the slurs used by the character….but in all fairness, that’s kinda how dudes talked “back in the day”. #justsayin

The Bundys & The Simpsons built a network on dysfunctional families that featured fathers that for all their efforts, and all their rampant, very obvious faults, they did/do love their families. Both received heavy fire from the Parents Television Council in the early years as being indecent…but when you think about it….pretty good examples of the families in our country….if a bit general in nature.

This latest in the installment in the practice of parodying our lives to get a laugh does the same as it’s predecessors. And, much like them, it accomplishes it and then some. As for the fact that it’s been received so well by the general American public? I’m proud of us. We, as a society, have finally found a way to show some maturity in realizing that we can’t hate what we are, sometimes it’s just best to laugh about it.

>Portlandia Gets Portland

So I got a chance to catch up on the first few episdes of Portlandia, the IFC sketch show that potrays Portland in an absurdist manner characterizing the extreme examples of…well, kookiness from that particular corner of the Pacific Northwest.

All I can talk about is Portland from an outsiders perspective. I was a visitor to lovely PDX…and in recent days after viewing the show have even found myself reminiscient of it.

It is a pretty spot on embodiment of the city and it’s quirks and absurdities…in one skit, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein portray a couple eating at a cafe who notices a dog tied up to a bike post and start to raise a ruckus that the dog might have been abandoned…

Kind of reminds me of a story I once heard about a chick in Portland who got arrested when she left her dog in the car with the windows down on a cloudy, breezy day for 32 minutes…and then got kidney punched in jail. #justsayin

(It does need to be said that yes, while I did leave my dog in the car, she had all necessities of life and also that I set an alarm on my phone when I used to have to do this so that no matter what, I would be back there every thirty minutes…….which is why I was back there to get arrested thirty two minutes later….now she just goes EVERYWHERE with me….or someone stays with her at all times. Even in places other than Portland.)

This show has great writing, a fantastic setting in which fantastical stories seem not only plausible, but entirely possible…..and segues that take one back to Mr. Show. The dream of the 90’s is definitely alive in Portland…and best fondly remembered through Portlandia than actually going back again!

(Disclosure: This was NOT a sponsored review. Written completely of my own free will and everything!)

>Shoe Frustration

>(Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post.)

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

Today was Aiden’s first day back to school. Usually, I’m pretty lucky with him. He loves school and he has his father’s cheerful disposition, even in the mornings when I am crabby. I usually pack his backpack for him the night before, but with the holidays being so hectic, I forgot to do it.

In my defense, the last two weeks have been insane. Very fun, of course, and full of laughter, but crazy! Three of my sisters were visiting with their husbands and kids, so every night was like summer camp in my den. We have two bathrooms and there were eight adults and five kids here for over a week. The logistics of it was simply staggering. By the time the last car pulled out my driveway last night, I was ready to collapse.

So, this morning I was rushed. I had to drop Aiden off at preschool to get to a dental appointment. I set the home security alarm from www.securitychoice.com, bucked him into his booster seat, and away we went. We were almost to the school when Aiden murmured, “shoes”.

I glanced back in the rear-view mirror. He had on one Elmo sneaker and one Nike and was upset about it. Am I bad mother because I let him go to school like that? After my root canal, I went home and looked for the mate to either shoe he was wearing. I didn’t find them, but I did find half a clothes basket full of my niece’s clothes, shoes, and hair ornaments!

>Being without a kitchen is the suck!

>I’m a recent transplant to LA and I never really imagined it would be all that difficult to find dog-friendly housing here, but, it is. As a result, I’m still staying in a hotel. It was cute. For like a minute.

Now, I’m trying to embark on a weight loss journey without a kitchen. Not so cute.

As a general rule, I’m over fast food, however, in my current situation, it’s literally my only choice. I can’t cook anything, I have no microwave…it’s just slightly worse than dorm life.

Trying to lose weight with a relative lack of decent options (seriously a mcdonalds salad can run upwards of 300 cals?!), is no easy task, but I finally found an option to survive on. At least until I can cook again.

I hate salad. It’s never come off as filling or pleasant to eat….so what’s a meat & potatoes gal supposed to nosh on while losing weight? A baked potato & cornbread (from a horrible, horrible place known as Carrow’s). It’s not pretty, but its the healthiest (filling) option I have available.

Thank god I’m Irish!
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>Randomness on Real Estate in San Diego

>(Disclosure: The links in this post were provided by a sponsor, however the opinions provided are all my own.)

Some would say that the San Diego Real Estate Market could be showing signs of recovering…prices are up and people seem to be less scared of making big purchases.

Given the state of things around the country for the past few years….this turnaround is a rarety…Coming from Texas, where the recession didn’t hit quite so hard until two years late…we had a decent real estate market. For a while. I know several people who took advantage of the eight grand subsidy thingymabob. It really did help. And then it tanked. Just like everywhere else in the country.

So to hear some news that anywhere might be seeing some sort of progress is a good thing. This is a pretty depressing country to traverse at this junction. I’ve seen a whole lot of people sad about a whole lot of shit. The reality is it could be a whole helluva lot worse. Our country has seen an actual depression before and thankfully it was avoided this time. If we can learn from it and cease to be a conformist society hellbent on living beyond our means, perhaps there is hope to continue to avoid it…but if we change and learn nothing. We buy bigger and better and mortgage our future as a country on having the luxury in the now…then saving us was really just a waste.