>Movie Review: Mystery Team

>(Disclaimer: This is re-posted from an earlier review with relevant text now being sponsored. Also, needs note, not sponsored in any way shape or form is my review of the film…just a relevant phrase!!! Winning!!!)

OK, so being a huge fan of the NBC show Community, I had to click on the Derrick Comedy Team (featuring one Donald Glover!!) flick, Mystery Team on Netflix.

Total win! So as to not spoil too much, this will be vague….what happens when the lil detective squad in your tiny little town grows up? And gets involved in solving a double homicide? Wha? Wha? WHAAAAA? I know right!

And the ender ender? Aubrey Plaza.

Her character grew up wanting to be a forensic pathologist. While the interest in being Abby faded before she could pursue a
forensic science education
, it’s enough of a starting point for a character (Glover) whose interest in girls seemed to have…well…been stunted.

Great flick, the laughs come hard & fast at the beginning at let the heart take over somewhere in the end. Definitely a great flick and worth the time to watch!


>My theory on depression…

>Or shall I say hyposthesis with myself as the test subject. Not exactly prize winning scientific study here, but "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you want to have." (D. Rumsfield)

My thoughts are that if I recognize that I suddenly feel like I am waking up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. I’m hostile at the drop of a dime. I want to cry when I’m not otherwise engaged in picking fights. My insomnia is in full swing, my mind won’t slow down about the most inane things. And I have an overwhelming notion that if I were to drop dead of a heart attack or blood clot in the next 2 minutes, shit happens and people die. Que sera, sera, I suppose.

I’d say I’m depressed. Now if the first step to fixing a problem is identifying it, I should be well on my way.

Oh, and if you haven’t caught on yet, I’m choosing to take an approach that likens depression to addiction.

If I am aware of my depression and I can find its root cause, I can attack it at the source. Meds to treat the symptoms are nice, but do nothing to heal, simply mask the problem.

The obvious answer here is to pull a charlie sheen. I shall blink and cure my ailment. Here we go.

Nope, still numb.

Perhaps a fake smile, some Mary Kay Place on SNL style Pep….I’ll give fake it til you make it a go for a day or two and see where it lies….

I know enough about my body to know that I’m not chemically depressed…this is not physiological and is merely psychological.

I broke something in me, now I gotta trot out the service vehicle while I put the inner me up on the lift and stare at her with a wrench in my hand. I’ll come up with something to fix me…the answer’s gotta be around here somewhere.

>Night (wo) Man

>Sometimes I feel as though my inner schedule inhibits my ability to lose weight. Especially when combined with the fact that I live with someone who has a very different schedule. I am not a morning person. I am absolutely, 100% at my A game at night. I am my most creative, (I lie awake with words and ideas fully forming in my head while trying to fall asleep on my man’s schedule), I have my biggest rush of energy, (this seems to be whether I work out during the day or not), and I generally suffer from just wasting time instead of being able to fall asleep.

More than anything else though, my biggest rush of energy throughout the day comes at a time in which I can’t really utilize it for my weight loss. Given that I share such small quarters with someone who….at 2 am is more ready to fall asleep than pop the Bollywood Dance workout on Hulu and listen to Indian music in the background. Maybe if I had wireless headphones….but even then it’s ridiculous to try and workout while someone is trying to fall asleep mere feet away from you…

If I want to fit it in I gotta do something to change my….well circadian rhythyms, I suppose. Can you change that? :-/

Maybe I’ll just force myself into working out during the day without having the energy to do so. Isn’t this shit supposed to be addictive at some point????

>I may download television but I still do pay for it!

>Um. I don’t know how to put this one out there other than to just type it really quickly…

I pirate television.

There. I said it. Can’t very well take it back now. I do feel justified in it. I’m one of those people who has spent ridiculous amounts on buying television shows on DVD. I maintain an 8 dollar a month subscription to Hulu Plus. Oh, and technically my ‘rent’ goes towards the overall satellite bill for this place. I’ve paid my dues.

And I always harken back to the ole’ if you’ve paid for something once, downloading a replacement copy is justifiable….

I’m also one of those types that is horrible on anything that is susceptible to being scratched. In an interest of being a halfway decent driver, my CD’s are regularly scattered across the passenger seat of any car I’ve ever driven. As a result, ‘slob fate’ determines pretty much every music choice I ever make. (For about a month and a half straight the only thing I listened to was Blues Traveler’s Cover Yourself. Swear to jeebus, everytime I picked up a CD from my passenger seat, that was the one on top…funny enough, at the end of that run, I woke up to a voicemail from J. Popper himself. Story for another day, I suppose.)

And I end up buying about 3 copies of every fucking CD I ever like. Until Napster. I still bought CD’s…truth be told I still spend money in actual record stores. Fucking shocking, I know….but I have downloaded my fair share of stuff I just refuse to keep purchasing when I’ve paid for it before.

Same for movies and TV.

And I’ve even been the lucky recipient of one of those ‘C&D’ letters. From 20th Century Fox. Over a fucking King of the Hill episode. A show that I have bought season after season of…watched endlessly on television…sat thru hours of commercials to see…hell, I’m watching a commercial for a Motorola Tablet right now…in the middle of…dun dun dun da….King of the Fucking Hill.

I download my television now….but I still pay for it in a myriad of other ways….why does that make me the enemy of the industry?

>A distraction-by way of demotivational posters

>To be blunt, don’t feel like talking about anything real here, so today, I made some funny pictures. One is a cold, perhaps insensitive picture of a very heroic moment…but still. Funny as fuck. Oh, and my thoughts on pirating television later on! Stay Tuned, you know you fucking wanna….

>And I Ran

>I ran 1.1 miles today in just over ten minutes. My feet are my current mode of transportation and I had 8 minutes to get where I needed to be. Having to rush to get one’s fatass on someone else’s schedule is one helluva motivator.

I don’t anticipating ever being able to re-create that time again…well unless my feet are faced with a life and death scenario as they were today.

SUPERFoot is begging for vicodin. My brain is telling it to fugoff and reach for the medical marijuana instead. So far it’s working. It’s stopped sending shivers of pain up to my hip and has settled somewhere in the knee for now.

Another bowl and maybe it will just concentrate to it’s girls size 5 zone.

>This thing used to have a title

>I have no idea what to say here.

I wrote a bunch of shit out. I’m told I looked even more stressed after I had just hit the last keystroke so I’ve now sent it off to the land of wind & ghosts.

On February 14th, I celebrated my 5th & 10th anniversary with my husband. The last decade was wrought with lies on both sides, infidelities, both physical and emotional, breakups, separate apartments and at the end of the day and unflinching knowledge that we both fought so hard to overcome all of it because at the heart of it all, we do love each other.

We still do. Chances are likely that we’ll never not. But we’ve decided to stop facing countless battles in years to come over trying to prove that love enough is all it takes to over come very real problems.

He loves marathon sex, I’m of the short & sweet variety.

He likes me to talk dirty, I like to be gagged.

He likes wild & crazy threesomes, foursomes & more somes, I prefer to be with one person at a time.

At the end of the day, he was willing to go the extra mile for me in almost every key area I needed him to, but I couldn’t get myself to the level he needed me to be sexually.

And in all fairness, this morning when I woke up, I thought we were ending things for a different reason.

I thought it came down to honesty.

A few hours. Some meaningful discussion and here it is world, I’m single because I couldn’t see my way to satisfying my husband myself…or relenting and bringing someone else in to do it for me.

I don’t disagree. I didn’t come at my marriage with a “by any means necessary” attitude. God damn it, I did for years, but that fire to keep my man even if it meant gagging until I couldn’t see straight….the oil ran out.

I love him. I want him to be happy with someone that is on par with him in any area of his life that is a major area of his life. Our sex drives aren’t even close to similar and they never will be…he deserves to be with someone who can make him happy in the physical sense. Who will go that extra mile in every area to “keep her man happy”.

I’ve tried like hell in the past and I can’t even get a solid answer that I’ve ever been able to be “on par”. (noted exception: when I’m drunk. ask around. I turn into S. Woww Tittybangs over here.)

So in the interest of being happy, we’ve decided to stop throwing good money after bad.

We make great friends. We do. When we’re not liable for putting each other as our highest priority every second of the day, we actually do tend to do the right thing by each other. When it isn’t something that has to be done-something done simply because we do give a shit about each other, we’re a lot better off.