>Review: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip+Why it failed.

>I had a Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip marathon recently with Marctastic. Because that’s what “writers” do. We sit around and watch shows to relax by watching people write. Swear to christ, you couldn’t make this shit up. I write about a television show (Burn Notice), a couple of bands (Mindless Self Indulgence, Blues Traveler), and all of my asinine crap about losing weight and trying to become a more sexually well-rounded being…..and I relax with 22 hours of watching Ms. Chanandeler Bong stress about getting 90 minutes worth of funny on the air Friday night.

And I was entranced the entire fucking time. Between the die hard liberal beliefs of the aforementioned Ms. Bong and the way his character related to the right leaning Christian that he was in love/hate with for the entirety of his career as a decent television writer….

But the thing that killed the show, the thing that became glaringly obvious as the last few episodes of the show amounted to a mini-series about a POW Iraqi soldier, Aaron Sorkin was still entirely too hung up on politics to take on Hollywood. Still too mired in Iraq and a the religious divide brought on by the war that never-ended….and in that refusal to move on, a really good show was lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a ginormous 30 Rock fan, and the fact that two shows essentially taking on Saturday Night Live while Saturday Night Live was still on the air spelled failure for at least one of them. 3 hours of network programming just cannot be dedicated to a single concept. Unless that concept is related to a huge amount of prize money. So Studio 60 lost the battle. Not because 30 Rock is necessarily a better show, truth be told, I couldn’t be pressed to pick a hands down favorite between the two–but because Aaron Sorkin went with the war for the cold open. And then ran it to the ground for three episodes leading up to what was the series finale.

I hate that this war lasted longer than the three weeks we were expected to be in it back at the beginning. I hate so much more that we are still in Iraq, 5 years after Studio 60 has come and gone…..

I thought 30 Rock owned the whole “hard to watch” joke….but fucking hell, if Studio 60 didn’t pull it on us a few years back.


>Every success will be followed by a personal FAIL. KTHXBAI!

>In order to expand my portfolio of shit I do online that makes me cash, I’ve decided to take on some National Examiner titles. Last year I took on a local title and in all fairness, I made a tidy little bit on my words about Events in FW….but then I left Fort Worth and it seemed a bit asinine to try and review things that I was thousands of miles away from….so I stopped. And moved my online efforts into other areas.

Got with a recruitment manager and after a bit of back and forth, I now have three Examiner titles that I am extremely happy to be writing.

Except that the writings have thus far only gotten as far as the drafts folder in my cell phone’s email client.

You see, my laptop is an HP. One that my mom bought in 05. Admittedly badass and purchased under my specific guidance, she kind of put the thing thru the fucking ringer before handing it down to me.

She eventually replaced it and bought a new AC adapter for it before giving it to me, but the AC adapter wasn’t the problem, HP’s have a quality issue when it comes to the DC portion of the jack attached to the fucking motherboard inside the comp. Requires a very skilled eye and hand to solder a $12 replacement piece in on top of it….and the labor runs about 120$.

The thing has been working by staying plugged in for 4 hours (charging intermittently as the jack loses and finds its connex), works for about an hour, but the other morning, when I woke up to an email saying that I had been given the three topics I wanted, she was dead.

And I can’t seem to get Opera Mobile to mesh with the examiner pub tool. So until she’s got power again, Cap’n! I’ll just keep writing to the silent audience of my cell phone. (Fingers crossed for Monday!!)