Review: Red State

I’m a huge fan of being scared, I really am. It started at a very young age, technically before I was “an age”. My mother, “the horror buff”, took me, her 7 month old infant to see “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. I was a good baby, didn’t cry a lot and she took the risk. I acted as she expected and sat there watching the entire flick with fierce intensity in my lil hazel eyes….or so the story goes. Who knows, really, but that started a love affair with a genre that has…well…kind of disappointed me in the long run.

I haven’t been scared by a movie in a really long time. I haven’t been genuinely, truly, honestly SCARED since about the 4th “Nightmare on Elm Street” when Freddy Krueger popped out of a waterbed. In my defense, I had just convinced my parents that I needed a waterbed to exist, god damn I was a conniving little four-year-old, but still, I was genuinely scared to the point I could not sleep at night…and then hit a twenty-three year dry spell. Until last night. (Full Disclosure here: I was a tiny bit scared when I watched Private Valentine, but that is the closest I’ve come, no joke, I fell asleep during “Seven”. Worked in a haunted house for 9 years. It’s a fucking feat to scare me. But god damn it, do I have one helluva “horror chick scream”!)

Between the religious nut jobs, the government that has unlimited power since 9/11 and the good Catholic girl in the back of my mind that says that every single thing in the Bible is accurate no matter what the bitchy redheaded Atheist chick upfront says…this movie scared the fuck out of me. Could not sleep worth a shit scared.

I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan, I mean, one of his movies is not only on my Top 5 list, but was the catalyst for the damn list in the first place, so I’m not completely impartial here, but just because I like the guy’s dialogue does not inherently mean I wasn’t a bit concerned that his jaunt into horror would, could, maybe, perhaps, leave me as disappointed as I have been sitting down to watch every other horror flick I have sat down to watch for the past two decades or so…the concern was misguided.

As most all of my other reviews, this has simply turned out to be a rambling mess in which I tell you very little about the actual flick, but maybe, just maybe, that’s because I just don’t want to spoil a thing for you. This movie was worth all of the wait, and now that it’s on Netflix, you have no reason not to watch it.


The Simpsons. Yet Again.

I’m writing this post as it would seem my most popular posts are Simpson’s related. And well, I do have something to say about the series being renewed for it’s final two seasons.

Being in the position that I am…and knowing what I know about the current and most recent Simpson’s writers room..well, it’s for the best.

The creators of the series, the writers of some of the more notable episodes of the first few seasons, well, they all moved on. In their place was a cascading series of new writers who could certainly capture distinct character voices, but could rarely capture the entire tone of the show…

What transpired, most notably in the recent years, were episodes that came off as…disjointed. Story lines came about that were unbelievable, and quite frankly, completely off-book as far as the Simpson’s canon goes….

Perhaps they will use these last two seasons to re-unite. Come together for the purpose of bringing the fans some decent closure….

I’ll cross my fingers for it at least…

Another TV Rant..

I’m kind of a bitch. Online, that is. In person, I’m sweet-as-pie, absolutely exemplary of my Southern upbringing, but online I can be one of quite the cunty variety. Which is why it’s probably for the best that I keep my online identity so far from my real life name and persona. My real life name, while strikingly similar to that of my online name is different enough that one could really not put the pieces together…

Even more important when I do things like I did tonight…which is call out an executive at a television network over the lack of gender equality in their writer’s rooms. This is a concept I regard highly, as in my real life, I am trying desperately to break into the world of television writing. There is a female voice that is absolutely lacking. A voice that isn’t completely permeated by the arrival of one’s period every 28 days, has a decent grasp of the sciences & doesn’t have to rely on a guy to save her every time she is in trouble. Oh, look, she even knows that “every time” is two words, not one!

Maybe I’m just a different breed. I had the “who’s the boss” life. Raised by my dad, my mother just┬áintermittently┬áin the picture and my dad raising me like the “son he never had” sports-wise…..maybe I’m the exception, fair enough….but that still doesn’t make me want to watch a “damsel in distress” be saved by Sendhil Ramamurthy every week….hot as he may be. Especially with that Texas accent. God damn it if I don’t have a weakness for boys who sound like they’re from my home more than me…..I digress, I want more “Mary Shannon’s” on TV. Women who can not only hold their own, but also handle keeping the men in the shot alive as well. Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled by the capable women provided to me by Constance M. Burge…


But I don’t think that’s it….I think the market is there, but the execs haven’t been sold enough on the vision….and fuck all, I suppose it’s my time to show them.