CheekyMF! Rant: Face Value.

In this world, where every single person, it seems, can read between the lines, interpret body language, pick apart your tone and inflection, is face value meaningless?

I live life as a writer, whose main bread and butter is copy and ghost writing–I inherently live my life in a fairly duplicitous manner due to this occupation, so when I deal with people on a personal, real level, I try to be the opposite. I put forth an effort to always say only what I mean, no double speak or gorilla dust, if you will. When I do this though, I feel like my every utterance is subject to dissection, at will, by the world as a whole.

Am I the failure here? Is our society so used to expecting the lies that no one can be trusted to be speaking the truth at any moment?

I swear from the moment I walk out the door, I feel like I’m being constantly profiled. From my tone, to the length of pauses in between every word, to my body language, no longer are my words what carries the weight, it’s now the entire package. As someone who puts a fairly exhaustive amount of thought and effort into the words I choose, to think that I have to put on a performance for every single person I encounter simply to emphasize that the words I’m saying are what I actually mean, my mind has been blown. Seriously, little explosions allover my skull. Hair still sizzling. All that shit.

I’m averaging four hours of sleep a night. I’m exhausted as it is, and that’s just from trying like hell to make something of myself in an industry that requires no less than ALL of you. When I have a conversation with someone, I respect them enough to say exactly what I mean, regardless of what my tone or body language says. Perhaps the world can start to respect me enough to accept that.


CheekyMF! Review: The Simpson’s 500th Episode.

I’ve forced myself to sit with this one for a few days before giving my thoughts. Well, that’s not entirely true, I’ve written no less than ten drafts of a post covering every thought I could possibly have about the 22 minute milestone I watched Sunday evening. And I mean every thought. All ended up in the trash.

The truth is, I liked it. As much as the plot was a rehashed variation of the main plot point of the film, so much so, that this plot might have been a better film, if just for the fact that we all knew eventually it would come to this, so why even bother with the entire dome aspect of the plot? Back to my point….It felt really sweet.

Am I aware that no less than 24 hours prior to this episode, I had a conversation with someone who pointed out that the series has become less about the dysfunction of a family and more a portrait of a functional family in today’s society? Yes, of course, but still.

500 episodes, or roughly 183.33 hours of my life have gone by watching this oddly coiffed slice of American family life. 23 years of making sure I got to the television set on time every Sunday, or Thursday….and I swear to deity there were a couple of Tuesdays thrown in there just to fuck with our heads.

I’ve seen them succumb to repeating their history, and leaving more altered versions of the future than Heroes could have ever hoped for…but this time, I was pretty OK with it all.

You sucked me with the nostalgia, guys, and for that, I thank you.

CheekyMF! Review: Lilyhammer

Let me just say, I fucking hate subtitles. I’m your average American, in that, I just feel like I lose something when watching content in another language. I spend so much time focused on the bottom of the screen that I miss out on the emotion portrayed by the actor’s faces & body language…it’s just too much going on for me–I would never survive with an ADD person’s brain, I know this–I suck ass at multi-tasking! Generally, I just don’t bother, yet I am ecstatic that I did for this show!

This Netflix Original series takes us on a fucking awesome ride with Little Steven. Makes things a little more fun if you imagine the Boss’s son from the opening funeral scene to be one Anthony Soprano Jr., who most assuredly would have ended up fucking up his father’s empire, after his ultimate passing, probably as an old man, cooking steaks or some shit like that.

I digress, Frank “The Fixer”, (Steven Van Zandt), reaches a point where his mob career has to end, a “forced resignation”, if you will, that urges him to turn himself over to the FBI. When everyone concludes that he shouldn’t stay in the States, he requests to be sent to Lillehammer, Norway. You know, cause the ’94 Olympics made it look so picturesque, not to mention the fine ass Norwegian ladies. Oh, yeah, ladies!

Turns out, Lillehammer is the Norwegian equivalent of….Stillwater, Oklahoma, sans all the raucous college parties. Unemployment abounds, people speak with a slight drawl, (funny how “country” just shines through no matter what language you’re hearing it in!), and not a bribe-able government official in sight!

The acting is brilliant, the writing is solid–more importantly, the show is addictive! I started watching it fairly late at night, continued watching far later than I should…and well, I was nearly heartbroken when I inevitably had to go to sleep without being able to finish it. For what it’s worth, I do love this format and am fully in support of having an entire season at my fingertips…that said, under no circumstance should you start watching this show on a weeknight, this is “Stay In Sunday” type shit–got it?

A Traveller’s Thoughts on ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

To start this out, I feel like I must stress that I have NOT read the book, nor have I seen the movie. The most contact I have ever actually had with the book was when I used it as a coaster at my gran’s house. To be honest, I just thought it was some sort of prayer/self-help bullshit. I wasn’t completely wrong…

The book is about a pretentious WASP-y type, who realizes her life is at a standstill, gets a divorce and travels the world to try and gain some inner sense of happiness. The story, however, is that this broad sold her idea for a book, and then used the advance to go traveling, the book being an afterthought.

Brilliant, right? And something that someone like me should, perhaps, respect. Yet, I don’t respect it at all. I can’t bring myself to respect those that sell lies. You don’t gain a sense of inner happiness by traveling. You may open your eyes, you may start to see things as they really are, but you don’t find the ability to make your soul smile by being a tourist in other’s lives.

Choosing to travel for whatever reason isn’t a bad thing, but it certainly isn’t an easy thing and this story neglects every part of reality that went into making the book happen.

Should I have had the foresight to sell a book idea and use the money to make this trip I’ve made? Probably, yeah, but then the trip wouldn’t have accomplished what I set out to do, which was explore my world. Not to “find myself” in it, but to explore everything else around me.

If I wanted to find myself, I could have done that in Texas and saved myself a whole hell of a lot in gas money.

TV for newly weds

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

I got on the computer to look up movie show times, but for some reason I ended up surfing through multiple other websites instead. I spent a really long-time looking at how I could buy for our current house. My husband and I have only been married for about six months. Before we lived in our house, we lived in a tiny apartment. We were really just trying to make ends meet most of the time, so things like TV were not a high priority on our list. We just wanted to make sue we had a job, paid the bills and got along. We finally saved up enough to get our own house. Do not get me wrong! We still have to handle loans and car payments along with fifty other things it seems, but now it is not so out of the question. I think at this point, TV seems like the cheapest entertainment to have on a regular basis. For the longest time, we also thought it would be a bad idea to have different TVs in the house because it would make us spend less time together. We still are concerned about that, but after six months in the same house, we are ready for some small breaks. TV sounds like the perfect one.

Review: Misfits.

I know I’m so late to the party on this one, but my access to Hulu Plus is sketchy at best, (I have a bit of an issue with the way they advertise their programming and the method in which they actually deliver it–so I consistently pay for Netflix, but only get Hulu Plus when I find a code for a month for free. Most recent: Viggle had a month on “sale” for 6,500 points. Or in my case, about 3 days worth of CNN).

Considering that I have only one month, I’ve decided to immerse myself in series I’ve never seen before, this week’s? “Misfits”.

I was a massive fan of “Heroes”, and I feel you need to know that in order to understand where I’m coming from here. I felt it was ended entirely too abruptly, by a network struggling to cope with the fact that they just can’t get on top in this world of 5 million channels. The writer’s strike combined with the expense of the show, I get it, it was a hard thing to justify keeping on, but nonetheless, my life has been a little more empty without the Super Power People in it. I’ve attempted some of the US options….”The Cape”, for example. For the record, the only thing that remains in my mind regarding this show is the “6 seasons and a movie!” line from an entirely different show…

But nothing has quite hit the spot. Made me all warm and fuzzy….nothing has been able to motivate me in the way Zach Quinto as Sylar could…to maybe, possibly….root for the “bad guy” a bit more than I should…I mean, yeah, he’s a serial killer, but the guy grew up with that mom….the Beautiful Homes & Gardens magazine chick….you know….he’s gonna have a screw or two loose!

Back to the point…

“Misfits” follows a group of young offenders who, along with other random Brits in the general vicinity, receive super powers after some weird electrical storm sets over the city on some average, gloomy day in England. The powers are all pretty stereo-typical stuff, but the difference in this show is the fact that all of our “heroes” are complete and utter anti-heroes.

The show is well written, delves into that subculture of young adults who really don’t have their shit as together as former generations may have at that age….what, I can’t like television that’s relevant to me?

I generally don’t dig a lot of British television. I know I should have some respect for where the comedy that prevails in this country actually stems from, but I worked for a British company for a long time…and well, British accents, kinda give me nightmares. Not joking even a little bit here, this is serious, folks.

I’ve made exceptions in the past for anything Rowan Atkinson has ever done…and at the behest of my former mentor, I gave “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” more than a passing chance….I did love them both…still do….but I could never get myself into Monty Python…or any of the other Brit classics that every one looks down on me for not adoring, but whatever…fuck it, I can’t deal with the accents….unless they’re utterly cockney. Loads of that in “Misfits”….not too many proper Londonites..? Londinians…? Idk, nor do I care. I can deal with the accents on this show, and on the whole, understand the dialogue sans subtitles, so…you know…don’t let your fear of your old boss keep you from this one, k?

For now I’ll leave you though, cos I still have like two seasons to watch!

Social media for good.

I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, and in that time, I have seen Twitter go from a playground of nerds to a full blown digital society of it’s own. Since the beginning though, I’ve seen an interesting trend from the digital sandbox. It’s a collective of people who actually do like to do good things and see good done for others.

In times of national and international crisis, the first rounds of donations are coming from text campaigns and tweet campaigns. When there is a major disaster, people from around the world respond and retweet Red Cross donation information. People want to help and social media makes that “helping” simply a part of your everyday life.

Individuals aren’t the only group helping though, I found this interesting, (and super colorful!!!), infographic examining some of the ways social media management has helped some companies truly give back:
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Via: Wpromote