CheekyMF! Review: The Simpson’s 500th Episode.

I’ve forced myself to sit with this one for a few days before giving my thoughts. Well, that’s not entirely true, I’ve written no less than ten drafts of a post covering every thought I could possibly have about the 22 minute milestone I watched Sunday evening. And I mean every thought. All ended up in the trash.

The truth is, I liked it. As much as the plot was a rehashed variation of the main plot point of the film, so much so, that this plot might have been a better film, if just for the fact that we all knew eventually it would come to this, so why even bother with the entire dome aspect of the plot? Back to my point….It felt really sweet.

Am I aware that no less than 24 hours prior to this episode, I had a conversation with someone who pointed out that the series has become less about the dysfunction of a family and more a portrait of a functional family in today’s society? Yes, of course, but still.

500 episodes, or roughly 183.33 hours of my life have gone by watching this oddly coiffed slice of American family life. 23 years of making sure I got to the television set on time every Sunday, or Thursday….and I swear to deity there were a couple of Tuesdays thrown in there just to fuck with our heads.

I’ve seen them succumb to repeating their history, and leaving more altered versions of the future than Heroes could have ever hoped for…but this time, I was pretty OK with it all.

You sucked me with the nostalgia, guys, and for that, I thank you.

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