CheekyMF! Review: Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.

I love this show. There, I said it, I just came right out and said it. Sure I had my reservations initially, the cheesy title, the lack of a commitment to the word “bitch” itself. Perhaps most importantly, the fact that everyone already has a “Chloe” in their lives and…well…is that really the territory we want to venture into during our “zoning out in front of the tube” time?

Turns out, yes, the answer is yes. The show focuses on the titular “B”, Chloe, (played by Krysten Ritter), her bad girl shenanigans, and her newest roommate, a very good girl, June, (played by Dreama Walker). In the pilot episode, (released on Hulu in advance of the show’s April 11th premiere), June’s world is turned upside down when she shows up in New York to start her shiny new Wall Street job just as the recession has hit. It’s in her apartment search that we’re introduced to Chloe. A, yes, bitchy chick, who we quickly find out has made a career out of scamming bright-eyed & bushy-tailed young gals “just off the bus”.

After having a chance to catch the second episode, I was sold. The growing friendship between Chloe and June is apparent, even if June herself is skittish of the idea. A bitch can be a great friend to have, just, you know, as long as your boyfriend isn’t a cheating asshole. That said, the premise alone would be a stretch to carry an entire series. Luckily, this show has help.

The first of our show carriers comes in the form of “The Dawson”, (and you have to understand that was said in my best Jason Mewes voice!!), James Van Der Beek himself. As himself. Chloe’s ex boyfriend/current non-gay “gay best friend”. It’s a fantastic addition that, well, I mean, come on, do I really have to justify this one? He’s a really decent actor. He made an entire country of 90’s teenage girls fall in looooooove with him, just by pouting his way into our hearts, then he pulled out that little accent in Varsity Blues….oh, and yeah…Haven’t you seen this? Psycho killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est.

This show also gives us another look at Liza Lapira, (NCIS, Psych), as Chloe’s last roommate who appears to be half desiring of vengeance for what Chloe put her though, but also half in love with her. What results is wholly laugh inducing.

With a solid cast and what appears to be decent writing, this show feels like it actually has a chance on surviving in the world of second week cancellations. I hope so, at least.