So, I’ve been working my little ass off on this…

Now, I’ll start by saying that while I have been known to do dreaded “guest-y” posts and shit like that, but I don’t normally try to outright hawk shit on here. It’s a review site and I try to respect that even though I sometimes use it as a stash to rant about life and people and things of that nature…


I’ve been working my little ass off on a side project lately. I had an idea that is super friendly to the environment…and, well, perhaps even more importantly, adorable.

I’ve seen all the bags and totes out there at the big box retailers. Even the independent-ish boutique-y type places, and honestly, they’re all kind of super expensive for what I really buy “accessory” tote bags for…

I’m a wee bit on the nomadic side and while I have traditional “luggage”, the bulk of my life is lived out of knapsacks, backpacks, musette packs…and 90% of the time I look like a school aged child or over the top hipster doofi-ish. Even when I bought the damn red cross bag from an actual army surplus shop…could I ever really live with myself if I rocked it EVER AGAIN after seeing Duplass do so in that movie that I was supposed to love but didn’t? No.

But what now? Still got a lot of shit to carry…tried to be..well…sort of environmentally friendly by rocking plastic shopping bags that needed a new purpose since they’re apparently stuck with us here for the next 500 years or so…but OHMYGOD, could I look more “white trash” or “homeless”? Lifestyle choice, guys, lifestyle choice.

So I started making my own. I have an extensive amount of hardly, in some cases, never worn clothing and t-shirts. The t-shirts turned out to make amazing tote bags that are sturdy, (they’ve lived up to me criss crossing the country for, oh, two years now..), take up hardly any space, and are quite frankly, adorable. (I mean, really, I love The Casualties, and the fact that Jorge gave me the shirt off his back as a take home souvenir, it means, so fucking much, but it was three times too big for me and apparently the design was copied by Hot Topic about a month later….now, I have a super awesome bag that means the world to me. And carries my precious, precious notebooks.)

And now I have decided to venture into the marketplace with them. I’ve had a few meetings and quite frankly, fuck that. As a freelancer, I give enough percentages to enough people in the world, I really don’t need to add more hot mess to my life…

So I present to you the link to….drumroll, please…

The Original “Green” Tee Tote/Grocery Bag!

It is 100% handmade, with love! From gently used, (code for thrift store), or imperfect and otherwise unwearable clothing.

So to sum up, it’s super awesome for the environment, will save you from ever having to take one of those annoying plastic bags again…and it looks cute, did I forget to mention that part?

Anyway, um…they’re ten dollars each, and available through the link above!!!!!

I’ve been a “businesswoman” for my entire adult life. I’ve sold newspaper advertising, crappy and not so crappy electronics, fuck, even gothic goddamn jewelry…figured it was time to sell something I genuinely believe in and, well, actually like. So, there you have it, I really hope somebody else likes them too!!


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