Decisions about TV are the hardest decisions of all.

Something must be said for the fact that I find myself comparing cable TV options. Have spent entirely too long at the mercy of other’s choices for my television viewing options and have missed the simple things, really, like Comedy Central or my choice of HBO, Starz, Showtime or what-the-hell-ever new premium channels have borne themselves into existence in the past few years since I have found myself beholden to paying a cable bill.

I’ve toyed, of course, with the possibility of abandoning the medium and simply indulging myself in the premium streaming services, but with those, if the internet is a mess, which is apparently every time the wind blows in this particular part of the country, I’d be without the comforting glowy-glow of the screen to lull me into forgetting that those who are supposed to care, not really caring as they should. Ahh, memories of childhood, man: priceless!

No, I need the TV. And the tv needs me. No, really, it does, it’s not like it can turn itself on! Turning itself off, however, it has that covered. Every day. I’d think I should go see a doctor about this habit that televisions have around me, but really, I’d likely be better off visiting an electrician…

[Disclaimer: Links in this post were sponsored, however, the thoughts provided about television, my latch-key childhood, and my.. Well… Addiction to telvision… Were fully my own.]


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