Decisions about TV are the hardest decisions of all.

Something must be said for the fact that I find myself comparing cable TV options. Have spent entirely too long at the mercy of other’s choices for my television viewing options and have missed the simple things, really, like Comedy Central or my choice of HBO, Starz, Showtime or what-the-hell-ever new premium channels have borne themselves into existence in the past few years since I have found myself beholden to paying a cable bill.

I’ve toyed, of course, with the possibility of abandoning the medium and simply indulging myself in the premium streaming services, but with those, if the internet is a mess, which is apparently every time the wind blows in this particular part of the country, I’d be without the comforting glowy-glow of the screen to lull me into forgetting that those who are supposed to care, not really caring as they should. Ahh, memories of childhood, man: priceless!

No, I need the TV. And the tv needs me. No, really, it does, it’s not like it can turn itself on! Turning itself off, however, it has that covered. Every day. I’d think I should go see a doctor about this habit that televisions have around me, but really, I’d likely be better off visiting an electrician…

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>The Office

>The Office is a show that I have a love/hate relationship. Love in that, I adore the American version and hate in that, I sometimes love and sometimes abhor the English version.

It’s not the show’s fault really, I do like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant is the bee’s knees…

My problem lies in this…even after spending plenty of time working for an English office. And even after getting to a point where I could clearly and concisely understand exactly what all of my Americanized English co-workers and all of the employees in the English office…I can’t fucking get through an episode without having to go back several times just to understand wtf is going on.

This is an issue because I suffer from the same problem as a lot of people my age, I don’t watch shit on TV anymore. I watch it on the oh-so-awesome Hulu.

Again, usually not an issue-but for some godforsaken reason, no one bothered to check that the Office UK is subtitled. I shit you not. You can go check now, seriously, here’s a fully loaded episode and everything. I’ll wait.

Even with the John Oliver voice over that we all lovingly remember that appeared before the show anytime it aired on BBC…no subtitles.

Until that situation gets remedied, I refuse to watch. You heard me right. I’m refusing to watch a show that has been off the air for several years now. Way to take a stand!

Anyway, said all that to say this:
15% off The Office with code: NBC15CJ
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>Shoe Frustration

>(Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post.)

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

Today was Aiden’s first day back to school. Usually, I’m pretty lucky with him. He loves school and he has his father’s cheerful disposition, even in the mornings when I am crabby. I usually pack his backpack for him the night before, but with the holidays being so hectic, I forgot to do it.

In my defense, the last two weeks have been insane. Very fun, of course, and full of laughter, but crazy! Three of my sisters were visiting with their husbands and kids, so every night was like summer camp in my den. We have two bathrooms and there were eight adults and five kids here for over a week. The logistics of it was simply staggering. By the time the last car pulled out my driveway last night, I was ready to collapse.

So, this morning I was rushed. I had to drop Aiden off at preschool to get to a dental appointment. I set the home security alarm from, bucked him into his booster seat, and away we went. We were almost to the school when Aiden murmured, “shoes”.

I glanced back in the rear-view mirror. He had on one Elmo sneaker and one Nike and was upset about it. Am I bad mother because I let him go to school like that? After my root canal, I went home and looked for the mate to either shoe he was wearing. I didn’t find them, but I did find half a clothes basket full of my niece’s clothes, shoes, and hair ornaments!

>Online Shopping

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It’s time to confess, I’ve never been a big fan of online shopping. It’s supposed to be uber convenient and the best way to ship and save you tons in time and money, but as a rule, unless I knew exactly what I was purchasing and what big box retailer’s website I’d be making the purchase from, it’s always seemed such a hassle.

I want to get the best price I can, I really do. I’m absolutely one of those people that will drive to three grocery stores before I make a decision to purchase a single item on my list. Obsessive I know..and one of those things that should make me a huge supporter of online shopping, but truth be told, sorting thru endless sites to save incrimental amounts has always been a headache for me.

I’ve scoured endless comparison sites and have generally found that the prices and deals listed on the site just don’t mesh with what the retailer has available on their site. As I should always keep in mind (although I rarely ever do), what is generally true isn’t always true.

Such is the case with Become. A prefunctory search revealed no discrepanies on *new* bcbg pumice silk sequin tunic top xs. It sounds odd, but I have a cousin who is obsessed with designer labels and this was something I knew she would be familiar with…she also wears a size 00…and has always had a ridiculous time finding clothing. (Even though the is the size de rigeur in the fashion world..weird.)

The compiled list of results was fantastic. Prices matched what was actually available from the retailers and everything…shocking!

Another search I did was for 1 madison tab waist peacoat. The one thing I’ve learned traversing this great country is the weather sucks. And changes often. I used to believe that Texas was the only place that the rule of “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.” applied. I was wrong. After seeing the sudden onset of rain in Seattle, the random chilly breeze in Colorado Springs, or the beginning of fall in Chicago….I need a damn coat! Preferably one that is cute as well. Stylish, but works with pink hair. Answer? Peacoat. Found my future one through the search engine and bingo, I should be fully warm & cozy in a few days!

>Never really put thought into a mailbox before…

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Until I moved into a house in a shady neighborhood!! When we first moved into the house in Eastside FW, I sincerely thought we just didn’t have any mail to receive. We had lived there for about a month and hadn’t gotten a thing in the mailbox even though I had put in all the proper change of address forms and spent endless hours at my local post office getting everything (I thought…) in order. Although I had reasoned that we did most of our billing online and the last time I had even put a postage stamp on something was to pay off a parking ticket. That may have been five years late. Whatever.

Back to the point, it never occurred to me, having lived in apartments with locking mailboxes for so long, that maybe the mail just wasn’t still in my mailbox when I returned home from work each make a long story rather short, I ended up down at my local hardware store purchasing an “HOA” Approved (Please don’t get me started on living in a ghetto-neighborhood with ridiculous HOA rules & fees, I mean really?!) design Victorian mailbox. On my local hardware store’s credit card that I am still paying off, (please note I am no longer living at that house!!).

I took a quick peek at a site called Mailboxixchange today. Literally, like a five second peek and I found the exact mailbox that I practically mortgaged my soul to purchase for a mere $235.00. In all it’s Victorian style bronziness…for around 200 dollars less than I paid.

I know that my next home will be an apartment, but Random Deity help me if I decide to get in the LA real estate game, I know where I’m buying my next residential mailbox from!!