LIBEL Productions

From it’s inception in 2005 upon the celebration of the annual “GO Skateboarding Day” at Funkytown Skatepark in Fort Worth, LIBEL Productions has put on a variety of fundraisers, rock shows and the occasional private party or two across the country. LIBEL’s founder, Maya-Lyn Forbes, grew up around the quite often magical world of a haunted house. While the event only ran for a month each year, she spent her young adolescent years mentoring under the producer of the “show” during the other 12 months, both in preparation for the haunting season, and assisting with various other shows the producer had a hand in, learning the in’s and out’s of putting on an event that had people talking the next morning.

LIBEL parties and shows feature a distinctive edge that is not generally found in the oft uptight world of party planning and productions. Whether your party has a..dark…possibly mischievous theme, you’re attempting the ultimate in unicorns and glitter, or even events that are friendly to medicinal marijuana, (in these cases, LIBEL specializes in following all local ordinances, as well as obtaining all permits necessary and the hiring of reputable security firms, experienced in these types of events), LIBEL has relationships with vendors allover the nation to ensure that you can achieve the magical night that you’re looking for!

Estimates available upon request, please include your name and contact info, a brief description of the event you are looking to throw, including, if possible, an estimate on the number in attendance. You will receive a call back with in 24 hours!

Send to: mayacadence -at- gmail -dot- com.


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