CheekyMF! So NOW you wanna call me fat?!

Once upon a time, I weighed 80 pounds more than I do now. This is not to say I am what you would call “thin” now, but more pudgy. Chubby if you will. I wear clothes that come largely from the juniors section and my size 11 skirts threaten to fall off of me when I raise my arms. Chubby. Not fat.

It would appear though that what is “in” right now is to call me fat. And more than just calling me fat, we’re talking full on tirades about well, it got very lewd and disgusting by a few, yep, more than one, perpetrators of douchebaggery on the Twitter. Separate incidents too. And both over me simply voicing my opinion and these asshats coming out of nowhere to attempt to rip me a new shiny asshole. What I find absolutely hilarious though is that when I was significantly heavier, no one ever called me fat. So how is it that now when the only real fat I have left to conquer is..well just an allover toning up…my tummy is flat but could be narrower, of course…and my legs…well I never really overcame being both a jock and a cheerleader in high school, I have cheerleader thighs, I do…but how now guys?

I know it’s a cheap insult from weak minds that lack anything else negative to say about my otherwise awesome self. And all truth be told, it didn’t sting quite so badly until it was reinforced (out of anger/spite), by a source much closer to me after the fact…I know I’m still a “big chick”…but fuck all, my clothes are all literally falling off of me…if I’ve not shed the title of “fat girl” yet…then when? If I have to keep this shit with me all the way to 105 I’m gonna be pissed!