Please let us mourn our Random Hero in peace.

I cried. Ryan Dunn has always been my favorite Jackass. Even before there was a jackass. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life in a relationship with a skateboarder. cKy was aired with significant regularity in my house. I saw all but the last Jackass flick in a theater, would have but traveling the country with a dog in tow means you can only do dog friendly things with one’s time…soooo, yeah. Hell a combination of jackass flicks, Kevin Smith and vicodin got me thru SUPERFoot’s bedrest. And of all the crew, Dunn has just always been the one I go “aww!” over.

Now he’s gone at an entirely too young age. And for doing something that..well…is a pretty common occurrence in our generation. I can’t honestly think of a single person I know who hasn’t done it. Self included. It’s something that I haven’t even thought of doing since my last wreck (that did not include alcohol in any way, shape or form, nor was it even my fault!!!!!). The wreck changed my driving and as a result, I choose to never be even slightly impaired, even if I’m under the limit…but had some crazy lady not t-boned me while I was just going thru a green light, I’d probably still do it too. NOT something I’m proud to admit, but it is what it is.

I don’t think it’s right to use this time to declare a war on drunk driving. Sorry Ebert. We all are well aware of the consequences when we put ourselves in this situation, Dunn’s passenger was not naive to the facts. But this isn’t a time for blame. Perhaps it will enlighten the rest of my generation and make them think twice about stepping behind the wheel after drinking, but that’s not where our focus is at right now so to try and force it upon us will get you nowhere.

For now, we’ve lost our Random Hero. He may have been at fault for the wreck that caused his death, but that’s a story for a different day. And any lesson you try to bestow on us at this point would just be lost even if it could get past the thick barrier of disbelief that we are all still reeling with over this sudden and tragic loss.

This isn’t the time for blame, this is a time to mourn our Random Hero and to celebrate his life. Get off the soapbox, it will still be there next week, I pinky swear.