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A big storm came through the other night and all the power went out. That means I had no cable orwireless internet service, so I was bored out of my mind. I have a big paper due next week, so the storm completely threw off my schedule since I had planned on working on it. I didn’t have any good books to read on hand, and on top of it my dog was really scared of the storm and was freaking out all night. He was pacing back and forth and wouldn’t go to sleep, so I couldn’t sleep either. It made me think about how dependent we have become on technology. I couldn’t even manage to go one night without my TV and computer without going nuts. I decided I was going to start reading more so that next time there was a power outage I would have something to do. Next time there is a blackout I will be prepared with candles, a good book, and a bottle of wine so that I can have a nice, calm night by candlelight.


TV for newly weds

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

I got on the computer to look up movie show times, but for some reason I ended up surfing through multiple other websites instead. I spent a really long-time looking at how I could buy for our current house. My husband and I have only been married for about six months. Before we lived in our house, we lived in a tiny apartment. We were really just trying to make ends meet most of the time, so things like TV were not a high priority on our list. We just wanted to make sue we had a job, paid the bills and got along. We finally saved up enough to get our own house. Do not get me wrong! We still have to handle loans and car payments along with fifty other things it seems, but now it is not so out of the question. I think at this point, TV seems like the cheapest entertainment to have on a regular basis. For the longest time, we also thought it would be a bad idea to have different TVs in the house because it would make us spend less time together. We still are concerned about that, but after six months in the same house, we are ready for some small breaks. TV sounds like the perfect one.

Social media for good.

I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, and in that time, I have seen Twitter go from a playground of nerds to a full blown digital society of it’s own. Since the beginning though, I’ve seen an interesting trend from the digital sandbox. It’s a collective of people who actually do like to do good things and see good done for others.

In times of national and international crisis, the first rounds of donations are coming from text campaigns and tweet campaigns. When there is a major disaster, people from around the world respond and retweet Red Cross donation information. People want to help and social media makes that “helping” simply a part of your everyday life.

Individuals aren’t the only group helping though, I found this interesting, (and super colorful!!!), infographic examining some of the ways social media management has helped some companies truly give back:
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Rainbird Sprinkler

Authored by Rickey Combs

I used my CLEAR Internet Service this afternoon to search the web for the operation manual to my parent’s sprinkler system. The sprinkler system has to be fifteen years old, and has recently started malfunctioning. It was coming on at the wrong times. My parents wanted to set the timer so that the grass would get watered at night every other day to adhere to the city’s watering guidelines. My parent’s couldn’t find the operating manual. It took a few minutes, but my parent’s couldn’t believe that I found the total and complete operating manual to the Rainbird system. I had to ride over to my parent’s house and print out the PDF. They still haven’t mastered reading things on-line. They prefer the old school paper manual. So after we found the manual we were able to print it out and reset the sprinkler systemto meet the city needs. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be thanks to Google search, I didn’t have to contact the company!