Occupy Part 2. A collage. Of sorts.

I quite often speak out of my ass. I’ll own that, not a problem. Whatsoever. But…..I do tend to read a lot of asinine shit, and once I’ve spoken out of my ass, whether I was right or wrong, I usually feel the need to devote a large amount of reading to whether I was right or wrong…and well, the other night I did a lot of butt-talking….since then, I’ve been doing a bunch of reading…and well, I wasn’t entirely wrong. Perhaps babbly, a bit angry and emo…but not wrong.

I’ve decided to just compile a list of random thoughts/links/blurbs as…well, there just isn’t a whole lot of “complete thought” to any of this insanity, but maybe I can point you to some of the more relevant points.

Occupy Wall Street is the brainchild of a Canadian group called Adbusters. Not for nothing, but CANADIANS?!? Srsly, guys, like “Blame Canada”-type Canadians? For realzies?!? Yes, realzies. Maybe this isn’t as mind-blowing to others as it is to me, but I was a bit taken a back. Consider me a Nationicist……IDFK, Whatever, I was shocked. Anywho, they at least had a goal in mind when they started this, and a demand–

Adbusters’ website said that from their “one simple demand—a presidential commission to separate money from politics” they would “start setting the agenda for a new America.”[33]


What we have all heard that the point of this is over:

  • Bank Fees
  • College Debt
  • Collapse of the mortgage industry
  • Unemployment
  • Social Programs being cut, do I really need to keep going?
  • The locations chosen for the occupations are

  • City parks near centers of commerce: Why? Is this where politicians meet to setup all their backroom dealings with Corporate America? I feel like I’m missing something…please, if anyone can help here, I’m all ears.
  • Banks. This one makes slightly more sense given the general movement’s desire to discuss the financial bailout as a primary motivator for their own personal reasons of protest, but still, unless your end goal is getting the banks themselves to conduct themselves differently, this one doesn’t make much more sense than the first choice.
  • Yesterday, I took to Twitter pissed off about a look at a Police Horse’s face shield, where a rock had been thrown at it and an obvious indentation was visible…that rock was thrown pretty damn hard..

    And the smart money would be on if one rock happened to have hit his face shield, that horse felt far worse being pelted at its rather delicate skin under that thin layer of rough hair. Rocks fucking hurt. That’s how these used to kill sinners in the Bible, yo. Atheist or not, quite a lot of that shit actually happened. Not cool to throw something painful at a creature that didn’t exactly sign a contract with the Portland PD.

    Then that was followed by this today…..

    About 41 seconds into that video, is yes, a man punching a horse in the face. NOTMOTHERFUCKINGCOOLATALL.

    If this shit is really about college debt, protest the colleges that are essentially becoming degree-mills. At least 40% of students getting into college every year really shouldn’t be there. College shouldn’t be “some milestone/right of passage/expectation”. It’s not a given, and it also really isn’t all that necessary for most of the jobs that now require it…

    which brings me to….protest the corporations for the hiring policies that require that entry level positions to have some form of college degree. Off the top of my head, GE and Village Voice Media both have policies in play that one must have a college degree in order to be hired for a positions that I have held in other companies without the degree. Wasn’t even fired in either case. Just got bored. Not the point. Fuck I’m getting bored with this blog post.

    If this is about unemployment–Protest Wal-Mart. A large majority of what they sell isn’t made in this country, and I once watched this documentary that basically boiled down to “So goes Wal-Mart, so goes commerce of America”….so if Wal-Mart made a larger push to bring “Made in America” back into the lexicon, it would be logical to assume that the rest of the retail world would follow suit. America’s middle-class came into existence because of blue collar, manufacturing employees….and well, shit being made here creates those jobs!

    I would keep going with this….but I really think I’ve made my point….and I really would like to get out of this blog post before the Zuccotti Lung sets in, so I’ll close with this–

    If this protest is about the President creating a commission, then make it about that, but for fuck’s sake, will you leave the goddamn horses alone?



    I’m torn with the “Occupy” movement, I truly am. On one hand, I am an unemployed person, who sees the need for revolution, on the other hand, I am a child of the post hippy-era–which means, that I feel revolution brings about change, not peaceful protest.

    If you look quite carefully, you will see that I was named after the wife of a Beatle….but I also have the last name of a very “Commercial” family. While I may not actually be a trust fund kid out of either of my infamous namesakes, I do tend to bear the responsibility of simply having my last name.

    My entire life, people have expected me to be more than I am. Expected me to have some random trust fund in the ether. Expected me to have some wild business acumen that is simply not my style….a lot has been expected from me, not by my family, but by those who assume my family to include some rich publishers that we have long since been disassociated from…

    Back to the point, I’m not coming from this opinion of the Occupy movement from the stance of an unemployed person or someone who shares a surname that dates back to the Plymouth days….I’m speaking simply as an American.

    This generation is the first that has had to directly compete with our parents for jobs. Don’t believe me? My dad and I literally applied for the same job. Neither of us got it. A college grad with zero experience did. And was let go 6 months later and replaced by my dad. Nowhere in that equation was I even an option.

    My resume includes middle management in a Fortune 500 company, upper management in a company based in the UK, upper management at a newspaper and an executive position at a State University, but I can’t get a fucking minimum wage job.

    I’d call it a joke if I thought it was at all funny, but the countless hours I’ve spent freelancing to subsidize my meager existence really doesn’t call for laughs.

    I’ve literally applied for jobs in EVERY MAJOR CITY WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI. Again, not a joke. I have not received one single job offer. Over 16 months. I also feel that it needs to be said that in MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE, I HAVE NEVER SOUGHT ASSISTANCE! Honestly, I’ve lived on 18 cent packets of ramen, but food stamps never crossed my mind. In all fairness, it’s good they didn’t, I’d have never qualified considering I don’t have kids….

    My point here is this: Standing in one place, saying how you “want someone to forgive your college debt” doesn’t make me feel bad for you….nor does it make me want to join you.

    I decided against college because even though I knew my first two years would be free….I didn’t feel like financing the last two.

    I want a job. I’ve applied for many, but I don’t expect them to happen….and I really don’t think that “peacefully protesting” is going to make one magically appear…

    Democracy, while in theory, could be self-sustaining, it doesn’t work when corporations are making the products elsewhere and distributing within the democracy. It all has to happen in-house. That’s how we created the “middle-class” and that’s genuinely the only way to sustain one.

    But corporations don’t work that way….and occupying Zuccotti Park isn’t really going to do shit to change that fact. We either have to take our money away from them…which isn’t going to happen…I mean, honestly, are you willing to commit to not using any Apply products until they shift manufacture to the US? I don’t think I can….

    Or…we have to be willing to fight them.

    Personally, I’m getting to the point of the latter. Everything history has taught me is that democracy really doesn’t have a history past 200 years….we’re at 235 years and shit is starting to crumble………

    Capitalism has failed us, and god help me, I would love to know what the next step for our country is, but I don’t…..I just know that personally….I’m struggling ten times more to keep myself afloat than when Rick Perry cost me my job 17 months ago….and I’m fucking tired of it.

    But hanging out in a park isn’t the fucking answer.