Sports: Warning this may end up needing to be classed as emo.

It’s painful to love a Texas team that isn’t the Cowboys. With them and their legacy of bringing championships to the Big D, their fans don’t face the interminable challenge bestowed upon us lovers of Mavericks and Rangers. I’ve had the unwelcome luxury of spending the most successful seasons our teams have had so far (Fugoff, we’re not talking about ’06 right now), outside of the DFW media bubble and with the rest of the country…and the rest of the country thinks they can only succeed if the team they’re playing fucks up.

It’s infuriating that no one, shy of the commentators during the actual game, can seem to give this team credit for playing their asses off. Once the game ends, the party line becomes “Oklahoma really loused that one up!” (Yeah, I went with ‘loused’. Gotta problem with it? Fugoff.) I’ve watched hours upon hours of post game coverage at this point and nowhere do they speak of the incredible cohesiveness of this team on the court. They completely ignored that the team had at least 8 players scoring at least 4 points or more….even when Carlisle brought the shit up in his post game press thingy.

The Mavs lost game 2 because they weren’t playing ball and the Thunder was, although it did kind of come off as half assed until the fourth quarter. Game 3 was won because the Mavs played well, albeit better on defense than offense, but they played better ball. More experienced ball. Not because the Thunder let them win, guys. That’s just asinine.