I’ve spent almost my entire life obsessed with music that could, would and should be classified as “Oldies Music”…and, it all started with my parents. Gee, doesn’t it always!

Well, anyway, with Mother’s Day coming up, I decided to try and search out something new for my mom. She’s a fan of music from the 60’s and 70’s…and generally speaking, the harder to find stuff. So I went on a search. I remembered two albums that my mom had when I was a kid that I didn’t remember her replacing when CD’s came around.

I could have gone the standard amazon or iTunes route and made this pretty simple and easy, but oh, how I do adore giving my money to smaller entities. Checked my local shops to no avail, figured if I gotta go online, why not check out the site everyone and their mother has referred me to!

So I did, and I’ve found her gifts, a bit too late for Mother’s Day in regards to shipping, but, hey, her birthday is just around the corner…and she does really like those cookie bouquets!